MijoVoice - Discuss Your Ideas

MijoVoiceAlways wanted to receive feedbacks from visitors ? Listen to the visitors voice and distribute your services by involving your visitors into it through MijoVoice.

MijoVoice is a Joomla User Feedback component that provides a platform to share, vote and discuss ideas through your users and/or visitors.

Tired of receiving E-mails with requests ? Let the visitors discuss and decide which idea will be the best for you. Organize and receive comments to your ideas while the listening to your visitors. With MijoVoice you can have your own idea pool your own idea pool and administer everything trough the Joomla! administration panel.

MijoShop - Joomla Shopping Cart

MijoShop is a powerful shopping cart component that is designed feature rich and user friendly.

MijoShop is a turn-key ready "out of the box" shopping cart solution and e-Commerce component for Joomla 1.5, 2.5 and 3.0. It is the integration of two of the most popular open source projects in the world: OpenCart and Joomla!.

With over 6000 extensions for OpenCart it will be very useful for you to customize your online shop in order to meet your website ecommerce needs. As the Opencart extensions are compatible with MijoShop you won't have to worry about the functionality of the extensions.

MijoSEF - Joomla SEO & SEF

logo140MijoSEF can be used for Joomla SEF URLs, Metadata, Sitemap and Tags generator. It is a great way to improve your SEO (search engine optimization) because it is automatically rewriting your Joomla! URLs to SEF (search engine friendly) URLs. All the rewrited URLs are customizable and has many configurations for further URL rewriting.

As everbody know SEF URLs is one of the most used optimization for websites. Having understandable URLs will return you more visitors, becuase you website will appear higher in the search results of the search engine.

With an easy-to-use interface you will understand how MijoSEF works and get more visitors attracted to your website..

MijoSearch - Joomla Search Engine

MijoSearchHaving issues with finding articles, products or text in other components? Then you could consider using MijoSearch.

MijoSearch is flexible and powerful Joomla Search component with an easy-to-use interface. It can be used with different extensions what are made for components that brings fantastic search functionality.

MijoSearch comes with great features such as: Search statistics, adding extra fields and supports Joomla search plugins. It will not slow down your site because it doesn't index/store the searching records but statistics. The search results are grabbed instantly on-the-fly.

MijoAnalytics - Joomla Site Analytics

MijoACLWant to track and analyze how people use your website ? Tired of jumping here and there between sites (Google Analytics) ? MijoAnalytics component is the solution for you. Easy & Open.

In contrast to services such as Google Analytics, MijoAnalytics stores the data on your server.

MijoAnalytics offers different tracking methods such as campaign, e-commerce, conversation (funnels) and action tracking alongside of normal visitor tracking.

MijoACL - Joomla Access Control (ACL)

MijoACL MijoACL is a flexible and powerful Joomla Access Control (ACL) component with an easy-to-use user interface that provides the ability to set all front-end and back-end permisions from one page and to assign any user to multiple groups.

MijoACL is an advanced Joomla ACL manager that offers you to set User Based Permissions, create unlimited groups and manage all rules for your Joomla site so it makes it easier to work with the Joomla ACL system.