First of all, even we test each new version before the release, it is highly recommended to take a back-up of your site using Akeeba Backup (free) component before upgrading MijoShop. 

MijoShop, on the right top, by showing the latest and installed versions, provides you convenience to be up-to-date.

If a new version is released you’ll see a warning message in red color, for example: "MijoShop (Latest): 1.1.1".
update 1   update 2
Automatic Upgrade
Thanks to this feature, you don't need anymore to download the new version and upload it to the Upgrade page each time you want to upgrade. MijoShop will automatically download the new version and do the upgrade procedure itself.

Do not forget to enter your Personal ID in MijoShop => Settings => Edit => MijoShop (tab) page if you want to get automatic upgrades. You just have to click on the Upgrade from Miwisoft server button.
update 3
Manual Upgrade

Firstly you should download the latest version from our site (always the latest version is there) then login the administrator area of your website. Go to MijoShop => Upgrade , browse the downloaded file then click on “Upload File & Install”.

That’s it, MijoShop will be upgraded and we’ll see a message saying: ”MijoShop upgraded successfully”. Now you're using the latest version of MijoShop and the warning message in red will be gone.

Note 1 : If you recieve any red message after uprading it means that MijoShop is not upgraded. You should apply what the red message is saying, generally file or folder not writable.

Note 2 : There is no seperate package for Manual Upgrade, the installation package is also available for upgrade and you always download the latest version from our site.

Note 3 : Nothing will be lost from your settings, statistics, extensions, data, items etc.

Note 4 : If the upgrade fails, try to unzip the downloaded file and upload the required (3 zip) files one by one from the Joomla installation page. Also, make sure that the max. file upload size of your server is higher than 2 MB.