Control Panel

Menu path: Components => MijoACL => Control Panel

The control panel is the main page of MijoACL's administration from where you can control all of MijoACL's functionality. It is divided into three sections:

1. Top - navigation menu and informative or error messages
2. Left - action buttons (these will be described in another chapters)
3. Right - informative panels

control panel

MijoACL Panel
Provides basic information about the currently installed version of MijoACL with its links to Miwisoft website, license and Copyright. It also shows the newest version available, if version checker is not disabled.

  control panel 1

Status Panel
Shows the status of ACL related configuration on your website with buttons to enable or disable them, so you can control all the most important configuration at one place. Remember that all of the messages must be green so that MijoACL could work fine.

  control panel 2