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Mijosoft sponsors J!Day North Carolina

Written by Denis Dulici on Monday, 14 January 2013. Posted in Miwisoft, Joomla Day . Hits: 6576

Mijosoft sponsors J!Day North Carolina
Here we go again, sponsoring another Joomla! Day, the first one to be held in North Carolina. We contribute every possible way we can to the Joomla community and the Joomla! Days are one of them.

Joomla! Days are a unique opportunity for the Joomla! Community to connect, learn, share, and innovate. February 23, 2013 is the start of the first Joomla! Day in the South East United States, connecting Joomla! users who otherwise wouldn't be able to attend a local Joomla! event.

Joomla! Day NC provides a full day of Joomla! learning, connecting, and collaboration for the Joomla! Community, helping Joomla! developers and users grow their skills, connect with other users, and learn innovative techniques to assist their business and Joomla! websites.

Be sure to catch some good Joomla guys there such as Steve Burge, Deb Cinkus, Gabe Wahhab and a lot more.

We are proud to have lent a hand to make this event a success.


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Denis Dulici

Denis Dulici

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Denis is a citizen of Albania, bachelor of Marmara University Technology Engineering, Senior PHP Developer, founder of Miwisoft, married and father of a teenyweeny girl.


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