MijoEvents 1.2 is out, Events Map

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MijoEvents 1.2 is out, Events Map
I'm proud to announce another millestone for our powerful Event Management and Booking component, MijoEvents. In this release we've added some cool features requested from our members such as events map, category submission from front-end, export to iCal, Google, Microsoft calendars etc.

mijoevents-120-eventsmap mijoevents-120-categorysubmit mijoevents-120-categoryedit mijoevents-120-icalgoogle    

Events Map

This feature offers you the possibility to show all of the events in one map. Pins are clickable and they pop-up the summary of event and location with links. All you have to do is to create a menu item for the Events Map page type. You canof course filter the events by categories and/or locations and set the map center coordinates and zoom level. Here you can see the live demo.

Front-end category submission

We're continuing the front-end submission and edition features. This release includes category submission and edition from front-end with all of the options/features that MijoEvents offers you while creating/editing any event from back-end. Of course that everything is done according to the Joomla ACL permissions.

iCalendar, Google, Microsoft

This was the most wanted feature. Now your visitors/attenders are able to export events to their online calendars such as iCalendar, Google, Microsoft etc and follow them from there. Here you can see the live demo.

JCal Pro 3 migration

The last but not the latest feature, now you can migrate your categories, evens and locations from JCal Pro 3 to MijoEvents just within 3 clicks.

There are also a couple of minor features such as option to show/hide cut off date, individual price etc. that cames with this release.

What is new in MijoEvents 1.2

  • # : Missing images in calendar
  • # : Table layout of category not working in the Listing version
  • # : History status "Missing" lost
  • # : Attender registration can't save fields
  • # : Orders erased when clicking update totals
  • # : Minor fixes
  • + : Events Map
  • + : Category submission from front-end
  • + : Integration external calendars (iCal, Google etc.)
  • + : Migration from JCal Pro 3
  • + : Options to show/hide Cut off date and Individual Price fields

Changelog: http://mijosoft.com/joomla-extensions/mijoevents/changelog
Details: http://mijosoft.com/joomla-extensions/mijoevents-manage-book-events

How to upgrade to MijoEvents 1.2

Very simple, check this article please. Even we use a dedicated server, the automatic upgrade may fail sometimes due to the high load. You can use the manual upgrade in such a case. As always, don't forget to take a back-up before upgrading.

Get 12% discount

Don't you have MijoEvents yet? Feel yourself lucky as we offer 12% discount until 09/11/2013 24:00 GMT+3 to celeberate this release. Coupon code: events12

Enjoy it!

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Max Lynam
#1 Max Lynam 2013-11-07 18:49
YAY !!!

I look forward to playing with this ... calendar integration will make me happy :)

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