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MijoVideos 1.2 and MijoVoice 1.2 released

Written by Denis Dulici on Tuesday, 18 November 2014. Posted in MijoVideos, MijoVoice, Joomla, Releases, Coupons . Hits: 7522

MijoVideos 1.2 and MijoVoice 1.2 released

Here we are with two new milestones for MijoVideos and MijoVoice components. MijoVideos comes with the most wanted feature, pre and post ad support for videos while MijoVoice brings JomSocial, EasySocial and AlphaUserPoints support.

mijovideos-120-ad mijovideos-120-time mijovideos-120-embedcode mijovoice-120-profile mijovoice-120-easysocial  

Video Ad

The most wanted feature from our members was the ability to display ads before and after the video. In this release, MijoVideos ships with this feature, all you have to do is to go to the MijoVideos - VideoJS Player plugin and select the ad service you want to use. Currently it supports VAST and Google IMA. You can also set the seconds to skip.

Video Time

This release of MijoVideos comes with the feature to share the exact moment in video with others by adding the time of that frame into the link and/or embed code. We've also added a loop button to the player so that the video could play itself continuously.

Video Embed Code

Till now, MijoVideos offered remove video support through special plugin for each source site (YouTube, Vimeo etc.). From this release, it now supports embed code directly without plugin requirement for that source site.

Voice Social

MijoVoice comes with tons of new features in this release. The most notable one is the integration with social components like EasySocial, JomSocial and AlphaUserPoints. Users can gain points after they vote and/or submit a new idea. Such actions are also shown in the stream line of EasySocial and we've also made a special application supported by EasySocial.

User Profile

We've improved the user profile of MijoVoice so now it shows the vote and created ideas of the user. It does also support avatar sync from EasySocial, JomSocial or custom one.

Unvote & Comment Vote

Voting is the base feature of MijoVoice. We've now added the possibility to unvote ideas and also vote/unvote each comment separately.

Plugins, RSS, Captcha

This release also ships with new plugins (Content, Finder), RSS support, captcha protection, front-end management and a lot more.

What else?

There are a lot of other features and fixes implemented into these releases. Here you can find the full changelogs of MijoVideos and MijoVoice:

How to upgrade?

Very simple, plz, check this article for MijoVideos and this one for MijoVoice. Even we use a dedicated server, the automatic upgrade may fail sometimes due to the high load. You can use the manual upgrade in such a case. As always, don't forget to take a back-up before upgrading.

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Don't you have MijoVideos and/or MijoVoice yet? Feel yourself lucky as we offer 12% discount for MijoVideos and 12% for MijoVoice until November 24, 2014 (24:00 GMT+2) to celeberate these cool releases.

Coupon codes: videos12 for MijoVideos and voice12 for MijoVoice.


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